Haven’t we already advanced past this?

Umm… WTF, Georgia??

Students at one south Georgia high school share classrooms and sports fields; but, they don’t share the same prom.

The school holds one prom for white students and another for students of color.

“We’re embarrassed, it’s embarrassing, yeah it’s kind of embarrassing,” said student Stephanie Sinnot.

Stephanie and three other friends say they do everything together, except go to prom.

“We are all friends. That’s just kind of not right that we can’t go to prom together,” said student Keela Bloodworth.

In a world full of color, Wilcox County High School still sees things as black and white.

“There’s a white prom and then we have our integrated prom,” said Bloodworth.

The girls said if any race other than Caucasian tries to attend the white prom, that student would probably be escorted off the premises by police. That was the case last year when a biracial student was turned away by police.

It’s been that way for as long as anyone can remember; and, it doesn’t stop at prom.

Homecoming is also segregated.

Ms. Sinnot has it right. Embarrassing.

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