Nope. Not gonna use that song title.

Upon leaving last night’s Jenny Lewis show at Terminal 5 (highly recommended! Review coming later), my wife noticed the story about AC/DC’s Phil Rudd, murder for hire, and meth.

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was arrested in New Zealand on Thursday morning local time and charged with attempting to procure a murder, as first reported by A member of the Tauranga Central division of New Zealand Police confirmed Rudd’s arrest to Rolling Stone, but did not provide any additional details. According to Stuff, Rudd allegedly tried to have two as-yet-unidentified men killed and was also charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of cannabis and threatening to kill.

The longtime drummer appeared in Tauranga District Court on Thursday afternoon local time and was released on bail. He is due back for his next hearing in three weeks. New Zealand police have yet to reveal any details behind Rudd’s arrest or who was the intended victim. According to New Zealand news outlet The Sun, Rudd was “accused of procuring murder” between September 25th and 26th.

The drug charges pertain to a raid on the 60-year-old drummer’s house conducted by police on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the group was not immediately available for comment.

This story bothers me on so many levels. First of all, it makes what has been a bad year for AC/DC (after the loss of Malcolm Young due to dementia) even worse. Rudd’s conduct may put the band’s upcoming (and most likely final) tour in jeopardy, especially if the charges stick and he’s sent to prison.

Second – why is a 60 year old man messing with meth? Of all the bad drugs on Earth, meth is probably still the worst in terms of what it can do to your body and mind. That shit will kill you, especially a man of Rudd’s age. I’m trying not to judge, but damn.

Also of interest – Sydney police appear to be re-opening the case of former AC/DC manager Crispin Dye, who was beaten to death on a Sydney street 20 years ago. There is speculation surrounding the death because it occurred around the time of Rudd’s return to the band after an absence of over ten years. (H/T Joe Rock)

And finally – everyone from CBS News to about 50 of my Facebook friends reacted to the story by posting ‘Dirty deeds done dirt cheap!’ Sure, it fits. And it was clever for a minute. But everybody just stop it now, you’re ruining a great song for me. Thanks.

Update: Procuring murder charge dropped.

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