Those ‘plummeting approval numbers’ for Obama? WAY overblown.

This is why I laugh my rueful laugh whenever anyone complains to me about the ‘liberal media.’ Obama’s ‘plummeting approval numbers’ were entirely a creation of the media.

According to the cumulative ratings posted daily at Real Clear Politics, which averages together an array of national polls to come up with Obama’s composite job approval rating, the president’s approval on January 1, 2014 stood at 42.6 percent. The president’s approval rating on October 30, was 42 percent. So over the course of ten months, and based on more than one hundred poll results in 2014, Obama’s approval rating declined less than one point.

One point.

I can safely say Obama is only president in U.S. history whose approval rating dropped a single digit over a ten-month stretch and it was described as having “plummeted.”

And no, there hasn’t been a large fluctuation during the year. Obama’s high for the year hit 44 percent in February. His low fell to 41 percent in July.

Gallup tells the same story. It posts daily tracking results for Obama’s approval rating. On January 1, 2014 it was 42 percent. On October 30, it was 43 percent. Also, there was no major fluctuation. Obama peaked at 44 percent (May and June) and bottomed out at 38 percent (September).

Conservatives love bringing up the ‘liberal media’ and how it covers up for whatever goony-ass story they feel isn’t getting enough traction. But the whole idea of a ”liberal media’ is nothing more than conservatives working the refs for going on 30 years now.

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