On the Night Shift…

You’ll probably notice some posts at very odd times for the next few days. Our dog Cody had emergency surgery on Tuesday, and the wife and I are keeping weird hours as we try to keep an eye on the patient, who is confirming his rep as a weird-ass dog by behaving like an OCD tweaker and walking literally in circles until he drops from exhaustion – with the apparent intent of causing us to do the same. So far, that’s exactly what he’s doing. So here’s some odd bits that could be a bunch of short posts, but instead become parts of a longer one…

My New York Knicks failed to clinch their first-round series against the Boston Celtics last night, forcing the team to take another trip to Boston for a Game 6. I honestly thought the Knicks would get it done last night, but the consensus among experts was that the series would go 6 or 7. Which is probably a good reason why I’m not considered an NBA expert. But this year there are a lot of teams who were ‘supposed’ to lose (Rockets, Nets, Hawks) who are turning what were ‘supposed’ to be short series into real contests. Why they play the games, I guess.

The wife and I went to see Muse at Madison Square Garden a couple of weeks back (incredible show, BTW – I gotta start doing reviews again), and we were treated to seeing one of my Bands That I Beat The Drum For, Biffy Clyro. Sadly, Biffy’s plan to conquer America has been thwarted by Simon Neil coming down with bronchitis and the band having to back out of the opening slot for the remainder of the tour and go back home to Scotland. Stupid bronchitis.

In other news, the Right Wing’s War On Thought (hey, wingnuts get their so-called ‘War On Christmas,’ so why can’t I have one?) continues apace in this country. You could also call it their ‘War On The 21st Century,’ because they seem like they don’t like this century too much and would be happier living in the 18th or 19th. Dopes.

I had some other stuff, but this being awake in the middle of the night is kinda fucking with my memory. I’ll remember and post them later.

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